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Sim Forum Guide For English Speaking Users


Here you will find translations for some important topics and rules in this forum.

Just click on the links.

How to register in the Simforum.

You are new here? Say "Hello".

How to add an avatar

You want to take part in one of the contests? Here are the general rules.

You want to take part in the monthly "Objekt Challenge"? You find the rules here.

The on going challenge "Wie wohnt Ihr in RL?""How do you live in RL?"

You want to ask for a gift? This is how it works. Here is the thread.

Important! You may put pictures in here but they should not be bigger than 640 x 480 pixels.

You have a question or want a translation? You are welcome to ask in this thread you are in right now.
One of the english speaking members will help you as good as possible.

================================================== ========

Challenges and Contests


No contests at the moment.


Halloween Spezial Object Challenge

If you have any questions, please contact one of the following members: Baazie, jule-e, Simlicia

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Basic rules for contests (WB or Wettbewerb) in the Simforum

Part 1: Collecting ideas and poll

Every month there is a collection of ideas for the next contest in a thread called “Sammelthread für NEUE Wettbewerbe/Ende day.month.year” normally opened by LadySonnenblume.
Here you can post up to two suggestions. Give the outline of your theme, what sort of house, what style, how many rooms, rooms or things that should not be in ...

- do you allow pay object and downloads (well, pays are normally allowed as people can't tell, whether they have paid for certain objects or not. This is a rather traditional point ;-))
- do you allow picture editing (yes / no / only cutting)
- do you allow comments on the pictures
- what voting system (see below)
- how many participants ( Teilnehmer TN) maximum (normally 15)
- how many pictures per participant (normally 20 - 30)

If your suggestion wins you are the master of the contest (WB Leiter). If you don't feel able to do that, you can ask for a Pate (godfather, substitute) in the headline of your suggestion. The Pate will manage the contest.

The collection runs for one week. Than LadySonnenblume opens a poll ("Umfrage: Abstimmung für NEUE Wettbewerbe") where every member can vote for his or here favorite suggestion. The poll runs for another week.
The suggestion with the most votes will be the contest of the next month. The contest starts on the first day and ends on the last day of the month.

Part 2: The contest

The master of the contest opens a new thread and copies the idea from the collection thread. Additional information can be given, but the basic outlines can't be changed.
Here you tell that you want to participate. If you have questions about the contest this is the right place to ask.
Sometimes the master or one of our creators has a participation gift for the TN, but not always. Participation gifts are always welcome ;-)

Important: You don't show your pictures yourself but send them (jpg, numbered from 1 - 30 and zipped) to the master of the contest.
The participants should be anonymous until the end of the voting.

After the contest is closed, the master opens a new thread "Abstimmung WB xyz" for the voting.

Part 3: Voting and voting systems

In this thread "Abstimmung WB xyz" you’ll find the link to the pictures.

We have three voting systems:

- 8er System: You can give maximum 8 point for an entry. You may give the same amount of points for two entries. You may give half points.

TN A 6
TN B 6
TN C 8
TN D 7,5

- TN max system
you can give as many points as there are participants (TN) in the contest. You can't give the same amount of points to two TN. You can't give half points

Example for 4 participants (TN):
TN A 4
TN B 3
TN C 1
TN D 2

- 5-3-1 system
We only use this in case there are only three participants (TN) in the challenge. The one you like the best gets 5, the second best 3 and the last one 1 point.

- Anonymous poll
We normally don't use this, because you can only vote for one favourite.

You give the points in the thread. If you are a participant in this particular contest you give the points by PM (PN) to the master of the contest.
Participants (TN) give themselves 0 points.

In case there are only 2 TN who could finish the contest (very sad), there is no voting.
The voting runs two weeks.

After the end of the voting the master of the contest presents the winners and tells the points of every participant in a new thread “Gewinner und DL-Fragen WB xyz”.

This is the right place for Ooohs and Aaahs and wcif questions.
__________________________________________________ ___
Danke für die Hilfe, Ines.

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The English version of the "ObjektChallenge" rules for our Non-German speaking members

Every month you can get an object from our gifted creators here
You should build a room for it. You can even build a complete house but this is not necessary. A yard, a garden or a garden house will count as room too.
Take 4 -6 pictures and load them to your album. The first one shouldn't be bigger than 400x400 so we can show it as a preview in the forum. The size of the other pics is up to you.
If you have no on-line album or any other problems or further questions, please contact OmaSIM (omasim2205*at*, Simlicia (spielkind*at* or Jule-e (jule_3110*at*, we will help out.
Post the preview and the link to your album here. Just press the blue button "Antworten".

OmaSIM, Jule-e and Simlicia will look after the challenge by turns. We will put your preview and the link to your album in the first post so that the entries are always easy to find.

Enough now with theory. Have fun!
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*Claire* says: "Hello there!

I thought we should have a "gift thread" ourself as there are in other forums.
Here you can get downloads for your Sims made by our creators only for members of our forum.

I put all preview pictures in the next post so you don't need to go through the hole thread (when it grows).

You only tell us, what you want and we send it to you. Don't forget to tell us your mail address in the tread or in a PM (PN button)

If not otherwise stated by the creators these gifts are not file share friendly. You are not allowed to pass them on.

We have now a "Say Hello" Thread. Please introduce yourself first, before you ask for the Gifts. "
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Contest "Carribean Holiday" Rules:

Our Sims have won a two weeks holiday in the Carribean Sea. Now they are watining longingly for the leaflets with pictures of the hotel.
Your job:
Build a small hotel near the beach with everything belonging to it.
There must be 2-4 rooms with bath shown
A Hotelkitchen with dining hall and balcony
In- and outdoor-pool
Sea, beach and lots of palmtrees
And you can also built everything that you think it must be there for an unforgettable holiday!

Participants: max 10
Pictures: up to 30
Downloads and pay-objects may be used
Lettering pictures is allowed
Editing pictures is allowed

Please sent the zipped and numbered pictures to ottifatin at AND spielkind at Ottifatin is going to check all pictures, and Simlicia will load them into an album.

Competition will end at 7th of October 2007.

If you want to participate please answer HERE, every participant will get the Counters you see at the picture
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How do you live in Real Life?

Here are the rules:
  • There is no deadline.
  • The floor plan of your flat or house should be more or less correct. Show us, in what sort of neighborhood you live, in an apartment house in the city, in a small town or in your own little house in the country.
  • Not every detail can be build with the game, so you may change as much as necessary. Even sky scrapers can't have more than two floors ;-) And of course cheating is allowed ;-)
Downloads, donation sets, picture editing etc: of course allowed

Titles on the pictures would be nice, but are not necessary.

Please send the pictures (max 30, jpg) to spielkind*at*
You may also host the pictures in your own album and tell me only the link.

There is a wall-and-floor-set for you as little participation gift.

You want to know how other simmers live? Click
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How to register in Simforum

Because it is not so easy to register in an forum, when you don't understand the language, here is how to register:

If you go to you will see a nice, yellow site. Please hit "registrieren" on the red stripe at the top (it`s the first word there).

Then there is a window where the rules are written, under it there is a small square where you have to click (there must be a hook when you did)
Then please hit the pad with the word "Registrieren"

On the next site you will see 6 white balks in 4 rows.
In the first you have to write the username you like
In the second row you have to write your password twice
In the third row you have to write your mail-address twice
And in the last row you must copy the capitals and numbers from the box at the right site.
When you did all that please go down, below you will see a pad with the words "Registrierung abschicken". Hit this please.

When everything is right, the next site will be a window with text only. It tells you that there is an e-mail arriving at your mail-address in which you will find a link. Hit this link (its the first in the mail) for getting your registration ready. After that you can log in with your username and your pass an come in!

If you chose an username which is not allowed or is already used by someone else, the site with the 6 white balks will come again. Please change the Username, write the pass twice again and copy the capitals from the new box and try again!

So, and now let`s do the next step !

When you registered successful, you will reach the Forum-Index. German Sim-Forum includes the original Sims, Sims2, SimCity and all Versions of Sims for XBox, PSP oder Game-Boy.
To find us and our gifts please scroll a little bit down until you see the headline "Die Sims 1". Under that point you can find two areas: "Die Sims 1 Allgemein" and "Die Sims 1 Bastelstube". Please enter the first!

__________________________________________________ __________
Danke für die Anleitung, Barbara!
Simlicia - Weezzle YG
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How to add an Avatar:

Klick the Button " Kontrollzentrum"

and then on the left side "Profilbild ändern"

Here you can use a pic from your Photoalbum (url) or upload a pic from your Computer.

The avatar must not be bigger then 110x90 pixel and 100kb/ no gifs.

To save your changes, klick "Änderungen speichern"

If you want to have a Signature

klick "Signatur bearbeiten"

It is not allowed to put pictures in your Signature.
You only can have 4 lines in your signature.
The biggest type size is 3
and you only can have 2 colors.

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